Today, Chris finally managed to organized the tools we carry with us in a proper way. We started out with the two tool kits of our bikes. Here already, significant differences existed. The toolkit of Fabi’s bike was a lot larger and contained way more tools than the one of Chris. His only consisted of two wrenches, two screw drivers and a few replacement fuses.

Over the course of the last weeks, we accumulated several more wrenches, pliers and keys. Fitting all of the tools in the two tool sets did not work as the overview is bad and you never know in which of the two toolsets you have to search. As a consequence, we simply stuffed all of the tools into a small box where we also keep consumables like duct tape, zip ties etc. Today, Chris finally managed to organize most of the tools in one new tool roll. It contains all tools except for the screwdriver set and a few other utilities. The thing is pretty heavy but contains all our tools nicely.