Black Beauty


Fabi rides a BMW F650GS R13 ’01. Bought in October 2018 with approximately 30.000km, she has since put an additional 3.000km on it. Problems so far were only miniscule. It turned out that the previous owner was a little to generous with topping off the oil level, which resulted in an oily spot on the garage floor and a flooded airbox. This was a welcome oppertunity to install the already purchased new air filter ;). Secondly the battery showed signs of old age and was therefore replaced by a maintenance free one.


  • 50 hp
  • Weight: 194 kg
  • Odometer: 31276km on departure
  • Odometer: 55020km on return
  • Distance GER – MNG – GER: 21744km


  • Lowered seat (Height of 162cm taking its toll)
  • Chain oiler (Scottoiler)
  • Fork socks
  • Radiator protection (DIY – metal grid bought at a hardware store)
  • High crashbars
  • Low fender (Modified stabilizer to mount the fender of the updated model)
  • Extended front fender for better water protection (eaten by Uzbek roads)
  • Fuel filter (Guglatech)
  • Battery voltage display
  • 12V socket at the handlebars

Luggage Compartment

  • 2 BMW Panniers
  • Duffle bag accross the pillion seat (69L)
  • 2 Small duffle bags (5L each) mounted at the crash bars
  • Small tankbag