Today was a day spent at the workshop of Zorro Moto to do some maintenance on our bikes. There are two motorcycle workshops in Osh which are frequently used by travellers. On other blogs we did not hear that many good things about the other workshop so we decided to head to Zorro Moto. They have a very nice website where they list the tires and other consumables they offer in their shop, however the availability may vary.

Before riding to the workshop, Fabi prepared an application for university. Only after she was finished did she notice that the application was closed since two days. What a pity. With that out of the way, we rode to the workshop where we were greeted by Dave, the owner. We also encountered another familiar face: Adrian together with his F800GS. He was in the progress of getting his panniers fixed after he had crashed & dented them on the Pamir.

After some talking we made a list of the things to do:
– Get some numberplate for Fabi
– Do an oil change on both of our bikes
– Fix the damaged bags of Chris

The services provided by Zorro Moto are stellar. One of the guys working there made a cutout the size of the original numberplate which was then mounted at the position of the original numberplate. Then we found a substitute for the numberplate and this matter was resolved. The damages on the bag were threefold: The hole Chris had already noticed in Dushanbe, the partly ripped of mounting point and a metal connector was broken. Again, Dave was very helpful and we got the hole fixed using some bitumen, the partly ripped of mounting point was sewed back on by a tailor and the broken metal piece got replaced by a bent wire.

Conveniently they provide a do-the-work-yourself area where you pay a fixed rate to work on your bike. There we did oil changes on our bike using oilfilters we carried with us and oil purchased in the store (Motul 5000 15W50). The DIY-fee was not a whole lot cheaper than the price of having the oil changes done by the team but as we know by now doing oil changes on an F650GS is a little bit tricky. So that way we were on the safe side.

While Chris was changing the oil, Fabi cleaned the bikes using a pressure washer. The amount of dirt that came of was impressive.

Just as we were about to leave in the evening, another familiar person arrived: Aaron, the Kiwi on his EXC 500! Similar to us he wasn’t really pleased with the other workshop in Osh and wanted to do an oil change as well as a front tire change at Zorro Moto.