17.05.2019: Campground Bodrum – Campground Fethiye

After a not so long night we woke up in our tent. While having breakfast, we were greeted by our new friends: the cats from yesterday. Fabi had given one of them a small piece of sausage and now the little bugger would not leave us alone.

We packed up our tent and got going again. The goal was to get as far away from the tourist packed Bodrum as possible. Ok, maybe not quite, but we aggreed that the campsite of the previous day had been nicer. Maybe we were in Bodrum during the wrong time. A cleaned campground with finished facilities maybe would have changed our opinion, we don’t know. Maybe next time we will come during the main or late season to reevaluate the situation 😉

Again we got on the superb tarmac road that we had driven yesterday to get to Bodrum. While we were overtaking most cars while doing the speed limit of 90 km/h, we were followed and finally overtaken by a lorry. The Turkish sometimes really drive as if they are crazy!

Again we had some waypoints to follow during the day. The goal for the day was the city of Fethiye where we were planning on meeting a friend of Ufuk. After turning away from the main road, we were on small, curvy backroads again. The road soon led up the mountains from where we had an amazing view over the mediterranean which lay below us. After following the crest of the mountains for some time, the road descended and was following the coastline.
We then returned to the big road leading to Fethiye and were faced with a difficult question: Take the tunnel through the mountain and pay toll or ride the curvy road over the mountain without having to pay toll. Naturally, we chose the latter.

Arriving in Fethiye, we looked for a campground. We had found several on Google Maps and selected one to have a look. As we arrived there, it was a small pasture right next to the beach with some toilets and showers situated between an other campsite and a beach cafe. There was no reception or something similar to that. Instead, only two guys were standing around. As we approached them, they told us that they were not really the normal staff, Instead it was only a coincidence that we met them as they were there just to check for the opening during the next weeks. Regardless of that, they called their boss who confirmed we could camp there. As we were the only ones, we had the entire site (ok, it was not THAT big) for ourselves. After they left and we put up our tent, the “boss” arrived and switched on the power for us. This meant that we could charge our devices and had running water. The running water however was “difficult” as the pump switched itself off every five seconds. Regardless of that we had an amazing campspot and our usual animal friends were quickly found.

After our dinner (noodles with pasta + cheese) we drove to the city center to meet the friend of Ufuk who was working at their bar. As it was quite busy and live music was playing, conversation was a bit difficult. Still, it was nice to meet an other member of the Turk motorcycle community and to talk about our trip, her trips and other plans for the future.